Relocating Your Home or Office? These Tips Will Ensure a Seamless Transition

01 October 2022

Photo of Lady moving a chair

Moving is said to be one of life’s biggest stresses. In fact, research shows that some consider it to be more taxing than divorce! Several factors contribute to this way of thinking. First, is the seemingly constant decision-making that’s required. When to sell your current property, how much to put it on the market for, where you’ll move to next, etc. Part and parcel are the financial implications of relocating, even within the same city. Then, of course, there’s the emotional toll of packing up your living space ahead of the big move.

So, how do you remedy this? Become a pro at packing up your belongings and remove unnecessary stress while you’re at it. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Divide & Conquer

Preparation is everything when it comes to moving houses. The sooner you can begin the process of packing up, the better! Start by addressing spaces/rooms that include items you’re unlikely to need in the weeks leading up to the move. Doing so will also allow you to clear up some space for sorting your belongings. There are even services available to remove unwanted items for you. Loadit moving company, for example, will collect any junk or recyclable items that need disposing of and drop them off at the relevant sites. The same applies to any goods that need donating. The Loadit moving team will happily pick up and deliver them to Hospice or any other charity of your choosing at a date and time that suits you.

Packed Boxes for moving to Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town