Understanding the Legal Responsibilities of South African Transporters

Unlike other countries known for their small-scale, more structured transport systems, South Africa is renowned for dealing with large fleets that are far trickier to manage. Businesses are expected to control hundreds of vehicles and often turn to software to streamline operations. These often-complex systems, however, are partly to blame for the mismanagement of products and deliveries. Why? Operators tend to use task-specific programmes that don’t necessarily complement each other.


18 Aug 2022
Legal Responsibilities of South African Trasnporters
Photo of Toys lined up for delivery
01 Aug 2022

How Timber Toys and Linn Distribution Handled a Dramatic Shift in Consumer Purchasing Behaviour with the Help of Loadit


There has been a definite shift in customer behaviour over the last three years. The most significant change is the growth of internet sales as opposed to the traditional sales taking place in-store. Further to this, most internet sales now include an option to have the item delivered to your door. Others offer a hybrid ‘in-store pickup’ option that involves the customer purchasing an item online but collecting the goods in-store themselves. Timber Toys is an importer, distributor, and wholesaler of high-end, classic wooden toys that have been sourced from all over the world. Business owner, Michelle Levick has sole distribution rights for these brands and supplies products to exclusive toy and gift stores across Africa. Michelle is also a shareholder in Linn Distribution; an import and distribution company that brings exciting international brands to South Africa. While both companies do the packaging and distribution themselves, they had a transport supply problem that needed addressing.


4 Impactful Trends Transforming the Grocery Sector

From ongoing supply chain issues and sky-high inflation rates to staff shortages, retailers of all sizes and across all sectors are being tested and are likely to continue to face these (and probably more) challenges in 2022. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom.


22 Jul 2022